Bramor gEO

The most advanced and reliable mapping solution on the market


The industry leading BRAMOR gEO UAS family is suited for surveying and remote sensing applications in areas where replacement of the standard surveying methods is needed. It is capable of measuring precise results down to 1 cm with a Ground Sampling Distance that starts at 0.9 cm.

The airframe is made of advanced composite materials (Kevlar/Carbon/Vectran) that provide a high level of survivability. A high visibility color scheme, strobe and NAV lights are optional. Embedded autonomous flight procedures include an array of fail-safe options based on man-rated standards.

The system consists of the air vehicle with a 24.3Megapixel COLOR, INFRARED, NDVI, HYPERSPECTRAL, MULTISPECTRAL or GAS Spectrometer sensor, a foldable portable takeoff catapult and rugged ground control station. The whole system fits into two rugged transport cases or a single backpack. The system is flight ready in under five minutes and safely operated by single operator/pilot in command.

Equipped with C-Astral high rate GPS and IMU precision data-logging electronics.

Your processing time will be shortened by the ability to acquire same amount of data and consistent overlaps when flying against or with the wind!


»Directly compatible with EnsoMOSAIC, PIEneering, Pix4D, Agisoft Photoscan, Menci Software, or other image processing software solutions.«


»Autonomous takeoff, autonomous flight and parachute landing«

Bramor UAS is easy to use; autonomous / automatic takeoff procedure (no manual operation needed) and parachute landing enable ease of use. Training for operators/pilots is short.

Basic Bramor gEO system package consists of:

1. BRAMOR gEO mkII airframe:

  • 1 RGB SONY APS-C sensor 24,3MP including 30mm modified lens, 32GB card
  • 900MHz or 868MHz 1W spread spectrum datalink
  • 4Hz GPS/GLONASS antenna
  • C-Astral Orthophoto precision IMU telemetry datalogger board V.3. with data cable
  • 2 pack Li-Po batteries (4 batteries)

2. KJ-100 GCS:

  • Rugged MILSPEC case
  • UAS flight control software
  • C-Astral GEOpilot surveying mission planning software
  • 900MHz or 868MHz 1W spread spectrum datalink

3. CAT 1 catapult launcher
4. Flight case transportation system
5. Recovery parachute (2 units) with protective packs
6. Set of basic spares (carbon tubes, small material, 1 extra propeller)
7. Battery charger 1 (including cables for GCS and Li-Po)
8. Training in Slovenia (excluding lodging & transportation costs)
9. Documentation & Manuals
10. Free Costumer support for 1 year

Technical Specifications


Wingspan 230 cm
Platform length 96 cm
Center module length 67 cm
Engine Brushless
Onboard power li-po
T/O Weight 4,5 kg



Optimal cruise speed 16m/s
Max horizontal speed 23m/s
Endurance Up to 2,5h 
Command & control RF 868 MHz or 900 MHz 
Command & control range Up to 40 km
Takeoff Autonomous / catapult
Navigation Autonomous / waypoints array
Landing Autonomous / parachute
Emergency failsafe’s User-Pre-program


Sensor info

DSLR camera resolution 24.3 MP (1.29cm/pixel at 100m AGL) GSD
Onboard storage 16 GB, 32 GB or 64GB
Onboard precision telemetry Space separated values
Lens type 30mm F2.8 or 19mm F2.8
Image overlap Custom X and Y
Photo trigger Automatic at waypoint
Maximum operational wind speed 15m/s demonstrated
Typical flight altitude AGL 40-5000m ASL tested

Key features

  • Create Georeferenced maps and 3d models
  • Map over 10sq km in a single flight
  • Simple flight procedure
  • Simple mission planning
  • Reliable catapult takeoff and parachute landing




  • DSM, Pointcloud orthophoto mapping, Volume calculations
  • Wildfire management and situational awareness
  • Change detection
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Search and rescue
  • Infrastructure control
  • Agriculture
  • Woods and landscape management
  • Ecological monitoring and sensing
  • Flood monitoring
  • Civil defense
  • Civil counter reconnaissance



  • Change detection (IED devices detection)
  • IED devices detection: COLOR, DSM, NDVI, MULTISPECTRAL
  • Over the hill observation
  • Hires area and terrain mapping
  • Battlefield management and situational awareness
  • Long range (40km) non-LOS digital orthophoto
  • Change detection

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