High Accuracy GPS Rental

Leica GNSS Rover Rental: $220 per day*

*Plus shipping and applicable tax. *Discount available for Drone U Members

This GPS system allows the user to set Ground Control Points (GCPs) for accurate UAS mapping operations.  The GPS can set GCPs using one of three methods:

Network Real Time Kinematic (NRTK)

High accuracy GCP points in real time.

Satellite based Precise Point Positioning (PPP)

Precision Satellite correction when NRTK is not available.


Point collection over time when other methods are not available.

Why is this important? This system allows the user to have total control of GCP data for a faster and more accurate workflow. Potential GCP problems can also be identified and corrected in real time.

Network RTK:

NRTK is a fast and accurate method of setting GCPs.  Using a local GNSS Network, a NRTK rover is accurate in real time typically within 1 cm (0.4”) horizontally and 2 cm (0.8”) vertically.  These systems require the availability of a GNSS Network (a Surveyors Source representative will contact you) and an adequate cell phone signal to receive the correction data.


This satellite-based correction is a good alternative when a GNSS Networks or cell phone coverage is not available.  PPP corrections can take up to 30 minutes to initialize and are capable of accuracies to approximately 4-6”.


This method requires the rover to occupy the GCP for a period of time to collect raw GNSS data for later processing.  Users can process the data at no charge through the NGS OPUS system (www.ngs.noaa.gov/OPUS/).  OPUS has a 15-minute occupation (Rapid Static), or a 2-hour occupation (Standard Static) – depending on geographic area.

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