HP SitePrint Layout Robot

From site to c-suite: how can HP SitePrint support construction companies’ growth?

The construction industry is changing. To overcome the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities, leaders in construction need new solutions. Here’s how HP SitePrint can help.

Construction leaders must find
new efficiencies.

Leaders in construction are under pressure to meet project owner expectations and maintain the growth of their organization. But they face significant challenges:
2023 record 4% increase

2023 record

For the highest level of construction workforce shortage.


Of construction decision-makers are putting more money into technology as a way of solving cost and margin issues.

4% increase

For the price of construction materials in 2023 on average.


Of a construction project’s costs come from layout, which is why exploring new ways to drive efficiency is imperative.

The HP SitePrint opportunity

As a robotic solution for autonomous layout, HP SitePrint offers a way to help construction leaders manage and maintain their organization’s growth.
even for the most complex layouts

Construction leaders can reduce the costs associated with rework: HP SitePrint avoids obstacles, delivers high accuracy, and prints intricate arcs and circumferences with ease.

Digital adoption
Accelerated on-site

Providing an important competitive edge for leaders in construction looking to win more bids and drive their organization’s growth.

Read more about the ways HP SitePrint can help transform your building operations.

layout productivity by as much as 10x

Construction leaders can realize a more productive way of working to help their teams ensure
projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Value- creating work
By freeing up layout professionals

HP SitePrint provides construction leaders with the chance to maximize their current workforce.

Easy use and setup
provides a better employee experience

Helping construction leaders unite the disparate parties working across their project to remove
inconsistencies and better deliver projects.

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