Leica CS30

Don’t just see data, experience data.

When you are getting ready for an all-day job, you want to be sure you are equipped with tools to keep you efficient and the controller is the critical link between surveyor, sensors, and office.  Leica CS30 tablet is a versatile controller designed for durability. If you’re looking for an all-around field controller, choose the survey-proof CS30. It is small enough to take along everywhere but has the power to perform a variety of survey jobs, use imaging sensors and work with drawings. 


  • 7-inch sunlight-readable multi-touch screen. Convenient size to use graphics and imaging sensors but lightweight enough to use all day long with all sensors.
  • Full-LTE support and one modem for all regions. Can be used worldwide


  • Efficient companion for Leica Captivate. Control everything from connecting to sensors to survey tasks and data sharing in one field software.
  • The first generation of CS30 comes with standard Bluetooth connection and fits especially GNSS sensors and shorter-range total station jobs.
  • Stable Windows operating system is a flexible solution for all kinds of on-site needs.


  • Certified for sustainable handling of the equipment at the end of lifecycle in several countries.

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